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A tabletop fantasy adventure RPG centered on a village community.

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Stretch goal update
over 1 year ago – Thu, Mar 04, 2021 at 09:16:04 PM

Dear backers,

We have the great good fortune of finding ourselves in an unexpected and wonderful position—raising far more funds than we originally anticipated. Before launch, I thought we stood an outside chance of hitting 35k and as I type this we are approaching 40k. Thank you all for that!

We are currently discussing the best ways to take advantage of this position without overextending ourselves. We're excited to add more stretch goals, but they need to be meaningful and manageable, so they're going to be spaced further apart. We're also excited to get paid for all of our hard work, which your generous support now makes possible!

Today we're adding 4 new stretch goals. A couple of them won't require any stretching, since their funding levels have already been met, so maybe those are more like "surprise achievements." In any case, here's what's in store, with more to come as we sort out details behind the scenes.


[SURPRISE ACHIEVEMENT!] $40,000: Slipcase. A sturdy, lovingly-designed container for both books. This had been on my wishlist from the moment we decided to break Stonetop into two volumes. Here's a very rough idea of what it might look like:

Slipcase mockup; design subject to change

[SURPRISE ACHIEVEMENT!] $42,500: Hand-drawn map of Gordin's Delve. A bird's-eye view of Stonetop's closest neighboring settlement, drawn by Lucie.

$45,000: Hand-drawn map of Marshedge. A bird's-eye view of the bustling town down east, where Brennan and his Claws hold sway, drawn by Lucie.

$47500: Annotated Actual Play. Hobbes LaGault, a longtime resident of Stonetop, will produce a series of annotated actual play videos with Jeremy running the game. Annotations will highlight GM moves as they are made, rules being referenced, player choices, mechanical interactions, and any missteps noticed in retrospect.

As mentioned above, we're being very cautious about what stretch goals we choose to take on. We only have about 5 months left before we need to get the files to the printer, so our focus needs to be on finishing the books. That being said, there are a few more stretch goals in the works!

In closing, I invite you to rest your eyes on the page spread from The Wider World and Other Wonders that I just finished laying out this morning:

Click through for larger image

International shipping update
over 1 year ago – Wed, Mar 03, 2021 at 08:57:53 PM

Okay, I've gone over 2021 rates with our fulfillment partner and it looks like we can safely lower our original shipping estimates. Phew.

Apologies to everyone who was put off by our original estimates. I hope these rates will be more agreeable.  As a reminder, shipping will be charged as part of the Backerkit survey that all backers will receive at the close of the campaign.

I'll have an update on our new round of stretch goals tomorrow!


  • Canada/EU/UK: $22
  • Norway/Switzerland: $38
  • Australia: $25
  • New Zealand: $30
  • China, Macao, Hong Kong: $14
  • Rest of Asia: $29
  • All other countries: $70-100

Stretch goals and international shipping
over 1 year ago – Tue, Mar 02, 2021 at 12:20:15 AM

A few hours ago, Jeremy, Lucie and I had a Zoom call to celebrate the campaign's success, raising glasses in Wisconsin, Vermont, and the south of France. After we signed off I checked the main page again and saw that we had cleared several more stretch goals! So here's some more info on those.


As of this writing we've crossed the 25k threshold, which means you, dear backers, have currently racked up these additions to the base content:

  •  Markdown conversion. All game text will be converted into Markdown and made available for public use under a CC-BY-SA license, allowing tech-savvy users to create ePub or web editions of the game text. This is great because anyone who wants to read or play Stonetop in the future will be able to access the complete rules online, for free.
  •  Digital play aids. Since it was originally designed primarily for face-to-face play, Stonetop already possesses a full complement of printable play aids, but our current era of social distancing calls for tools dedicated to online play. This stretch goal includes a set of form-fillable PDFs for every game component that would benefit from that format—the character playbooks, the steading playbook/record, the playbook inserts (inventory, animal companion, etc.), and the arcana. It also gives us room to work on integrations for Foundry and Roll20.
  •  Arcana Uncovered. The arcana (magic items) are a really fun and unique aspect of Stonetop's design. The base game comes with 18 major and 36 minor arcana, but Jeremy has more waiting in the Seeker's sanctum. Meeting this goal unlocks 2 more major arcana (which means more illustrations from Lucie), and 4 more minor arcana.
  •  Adventure Starters. Stonetop's character creation process guarantees that every campaign kicks off on fertile ground, well-sown with the seeds of adventure, and the rules include clear guidelines to for the GM to nurture those seeds to fruition. Even so, having a palette of well-considered options on hand can ease the GM's load. This stretch goal allows Jeremy to develop 3 "adventure starters"—illustrated briefs, each 2-4 pages in length, which lay the foundation for situations ripe with mystery, opportunity, and danger.


My apologies to everyone who has been daunted by the high shipping estimates listed on the main campaign page. I set them purposely at the high end to ensure that we don't fall into a shipping trap by incurring unanticipated costs. I am waiting for news on the 2021 rates from our fulfillment partner, and crossing my fingers that we'll be able to significantly reduce the cost of international shipping. As soon as there is any change for the better I will post an update to let everyone know. Thank you for your patience on this!


The map print add-ons offered by Lucie went in a flash, and a number of people have asked if more of them will be made available. I am looking into alternatives and larger versions, and have begun ordering test prints. My hope is that we'll be able to offer high quality maps as add-ons in the post-campaign Backerkit survey. They really are lovely! I'll report in here with news on that front as it develops.


As I write this, over 500 people have chosen to put money toward our labor of love. In today's world, that feels... it feels good. It makes us happy. We cannot thank you enough.

—Jason (and Jeremy and Lucie)

Funding goal achieved!
over 1 year ago – Mon, Mar 01, 2021 at 10:26:28 PM

Um... did we just... we did! We crossed the $15k threshold! In just about 4 hours.

Thank you all! Jeremy, Lucie, and I are very grateful.

When I asked my 11-year-old son Max to hit the "launch" button before he went to school this morning, he said, "Do you think it will work?" and I said, "I have no idea!"

Now, thanks to you, I have an idea. And it's going to be fun to share the extent of it with Max when he comes back home this afternoon.

Watch out stretch goals, here we come!